Committed to providing safe, caring, and cost-effective world-wide air medical
Premier Jets Lifeguard Air Ambulance Captains all possess an
FAA Air Transport Pilot (ATP) certificate, the same rating as
required of scheduled major airline captains.  Our captains receive
two flight evaluations per year and two Class 1 FAA flight physical
examinations, as well.  In addition, they attend once each year a
four-day refresher training course that includes intense and
complex simulator emergency procedures and minimum
weather approaches.
Medical Team Members
Our medical teams are tailored to the medical condition of
the patient.  They include Physicians, Critical Care
Nurses, Paramedics, and Respiratory Therapists.  
Each is certified in their specialty and maintains currency
with annual medical continuing education.  All are
experienced flight medical specialists, expert in the use of
our on-board equipment and knowledgeable of the
medical environment in flight.
Aircraft Maintenance
Our aircraft maintenance team is lead by an FAA
approved Director.  Each mechanic is federally certified
as an Airframe and Power Plant Maintenance
Technician.   Internal knowledge of the aircraft fleet is
backed up by
Lear Jet, Inc. aircraft
systems specialists.
Our Lear Jets are FAA certified in the medical or passenger
configuration.  The medical configuration includes five
oxygen tanks, plus a specially designed base beneath the
patient bed that is capable of supporting health monitoring
devices as well as most common ICU bedside functions.
Safety Management  
Premier Jets and Lifeguard Air Ambulance has embarked
in establishing a Safety Management System encouraged by
our oversight agencies CAMTS, DOD, and FAA.  FAA
Level 4 certification is the goal.  This is a systematic
method of identifying and mitigating risks.  It establishes a
company-wide method of using policies, practices,
procedures, and measurement to migrate to an ever safer
work culture.

Premier Jets Lifeguard Air Ambulance is certified
by T
he Commission on Accreditation of  Medical
Transport Systems.
 This is an independent,
non-profit agency which audits and accredits
aircraft and helicopter air medical transport services
in the U.S. to industry-established criteria.  We are
inspected and re-certified every three years to 133
medical guidelines.  

Medical air transport patients should insure that the
transport is performed by a CAMTS accredited
company,if at all possible.
UStiA: The US Travel Insurance Association.  This is a national association dedicated
to the development of travel products and services.  It foster ethical practices.  It
ensures that travelers have affordable access to travel protection and assistance.
THiA:  The Travel Health Insurance Association of Canada.
Its purpose is to develop and promote voluntary standards of business conduct.  
Also, it advances issues relevant to providers of Travel Health Insurance in Canada.
mission to be the leading U.S. National trade association, representing the regulatory,
legislative, and business