Committed to providing safe, caring, and cost-effective world-wide air medical transport
1. To coordinate a mission call 1-800-635-8583. Our
experienced Mission Coordinators will start with a quote for
2. Once the quote is accepted,  the aircraft, flight crew, and
the medical transport team are assigned to the mission.
8. Our Lifeguard Medical Team accompanies the patient
to the receiving hospital where the responsibility for the
patient care is transferred.

9.Mission Complete!

10.Our aircraft and crew returns to its home base.
3.  The Lifeguard Medical Team is specifically assigned
based on the patients condition. It is comprised of
Physicians, Registered Nurses, Respiratory Therapists,
and/or Paramedics  who are flown to your location. The
team arrives at the patient's hospital bedside to meet the
family, patient, and hospital staff.
4. The Lifeguard Medical Team takes responsibility for
the patient and accompanies him or her via ground
ambulance back to the airport and the awaiting aircraft.

5. The patient is moved into a secure position within the
aircraft - a flying Intensive Care Unit.
6. The aircraft departs, making interim stops as required,
until reaching the patient's destination city.  Flight crews
are pre-positioned and transitioned as necessary to comply
with pilot crew duty time limits.

7. Once at the arrival airport, the patient is quickly
transferred to an awaiting ground ambulance.
To speak to a Flight
Coordinator 24/7 please
800-635-8583 or
Mission Overview